These vitamin are important for your health, are these vitamin included in your diet

To stay healthy, you should include foods rich in vitamin in your diet. Deficiency of vitamins in the body can affect your breathing as well. These are essential vitamins for the body.


The body needs all the nutrients to stay healthy and young for a long time. We should include such things in our food, so that the body can get all the vitamin. Vitamin are very important for our health. Due to lack of vitamins in the body, the immunity starts to weaken. Many types of vitamins are needed to keep bones strong, muscles and skin healthy. If there is a deficiency of these essential nutrients in the body, then many types of diseases start to flourish. However, with the right eating habits and lifestyle, you can make up for the deficiency of essential vitamins in the body. Know which are the essential vitamin to keep the body healthy and what are their natural sources.

These 6 vitamin are essential for health, include them in the diet

Our body needs nutrition to function. Vitamin are the most important source of nutrition. Let us know which vitamins you should include in your diet.
Vitamin are the most important source of nutrition for us. The body performs its functions efficiently only when it is well nourished and deficiency of any vitamin or other micronutrients can lead to serious conditions and diseases. Vitamins (essential vitamin) are very beneficial for health. They promote every function of the body from the brain (vitamin) to the bones. Vitamins are very beneficial for your health. The easiest way to include vitamin in your diet is by consuming foods rich in vitamin. Which vitamin are essential for your health

Vitamin A

You should take these vitamin for a healthy immune system, good cell growth and better vision. Vitamin A is great for healing acne, wrinkles and other skin problems. It helps in removing digestive problems. Regular intake of this vitamin keeps your immune system strong. For this, you can include eggs and whole milk etc. in the diet.

vitamin b

Vitamin B includes 8 types B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12. All these collectively form a group of B vitamins which are responsible for various functions of the body. These vitamins keep the nervous system healthy. For vitamin B, you can include plain curd, milk, banana and mushroom etc. in your diet.

vitamin C

It is also known as ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins. It not only boosts immunity but also contains antioxidants. They help prevent free radicals from damaging the body. It is also very beneficial for your skin. For this, you can include citrus fruits, tomatoes and green vegetables in the diet.

vitamin D

Calciferol It is commonly known as Vitamin D. Vitamin D is an important nutrient because it helps keep bones and teeth healthy. It can cure conditions like diabetes type 1. Not only this, Vitamin D promotes brain functions and keeps the heart healthy.

vitamin e

Vitamin E helps in improving skin and hair. Apart from this, it also provides many other health benefits. It has antioxidant properties that help protect against damage caused by free radicals. These help in improving metabolism. For vitamin E, you can include avocado, red capsicum, peanuts, pumpkin etc. in your diet.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K may also help you fight certain types of cancer, spider veins and morning sickness. For this vitamin, you can include leafy green vegetables and fish in your diet.

If you want to be healthy then include these essential vitamin and minerals in your diet.

Vitamin and minerals have a huge impact on your health. Deficiency of these nutrients increases the risk of heart, blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol. Immunity is also affected.

Vitamin and minerals are needed to make the body healthy and strong. All these nutrients make our immunity strong. Vitamin and minerals are also necessary for building strong bones and muscles, building new cells, and taking care of skin and hair. If there is a deficiency of any nutrient in the body, then it also increases the risk of many serious diseases. You feel tired and weak throughout the day and lack energy. Today we are telling you about essential vitamin, minerals and amino acids for the body. You can also meet the deficiency of these nutrients with natural foods.

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